Working in Partnership

Enduring Earth seeks to support a healthy planet and provide long-term financing for conservation, economic diversification, and community prosperity. This will be built on a commitment to uphold the rights of people and create opportunities for sustainable growth.

Partners in Enduring Earth have already worked with six countries, conserving more than 120 million hectares using the PFP approach. This kind of durable and large-scale conservation, with a commitment to uphold the rights of communities and create sustainable economic growth, will benefit lives and livelihoods, reduce and offset carbon emissions, and secure the biodiversity that brings health, life, and wonder to our world.

Local participation in setting project goals is essential to establishing projects that will provide permanence for conservation. We work with Indigenous peoples—whose lands are home to more species around the world than anywhere else, protecting 80% of global biodiversity—and local communities to ensure that conservation and protection activities align with local values. Their active participation and leadership are paramount to lasting conservation and benefits for local cultures, economies, health, jobs, and future generations.

Our Core Values


We are transparent and honest in our work with each other and our partners

Collective Power

Only through collaboration can we achieve our ambitious goals


We steward resources wisely and focus on results that provide benefits to nature and communities

Sustainable Impact

We are respectful of each nation’s priorities, and social, cultural, and spiritual values

Enduring Earth recognizes that effective stewardship of land and natural resources is underpinned by respecting Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) rights, including self-determination, and supporting their leadership and good governance, as well as the flow of sustainable benefit streams (social, financial, and economic) to IPLCs. We seek to support IPLC rights, leadership, and engagement through the following approaches:

    1. Recognize, respect, and enhance rights to land, water, and natural resources.
    2. Enhance stewardship of land, water, and natural resources.
    3. Facilitate good governance through representative, equitable, accountable, transparent, and culturally-aligned decision making bodies.
    4. Promote culturally-responsive economic development and sustainability.
    5. Attain programmatic impact by scaling our collective support to communities.
    6. Minimize unintended risks.
Download our brief on community partnership principles and approaches


We appreciate the pro bono contributions of McKinsey & Company, which provides analytics and other PFP-specific technical support.